About RBR

Rural Business Research combines the forces of some of Britain’s top researchers in the field of farming, the environment and rural business. We are valued suppliers to many organisations looking for rigorous fundamental and applied research and the powerful application of data.

RBR is totally independent, a consortium of leading academic units delivering projects for government, levy-funded research bodies, research councils, and commercial clients.

From our research teams around the country, RBR provides exceptional expertise with deep local knowledge, from specific regional studies, national data collection and analysis, economic and environmental modelling and assessments, to the largest survey of its kind in this country, the Farm Business Survey, carried out for Defra.

Rigorous Research

Internationally recognised academic bases are a good starting point if you’re looking for a partner in research. RBR provides top quality research for some of the most demanding clients in the world. From years of working with Defra, agricultural levy boards, research councils and other large contractors, we’ve developed unrivalled expertise in driving projects, implementing methodology, undertaking in-depth analysis and delivering high quality results.

Local and National

RBR’s structure, with regional research units around the country, means that we understand local variations and issues, and can also place them in the national context. Our links with farmers are very strong. They value our independence from government and industry. They trust us and like us. This gives us great advantages with projects, helping them move more smoothly. There’s also responsibility – to ensure that, like the organisation commissioning a project – these key contributors clearly see benefits to their business by getting involved in our research projects.

Flexible and Adaptable

Rural Business Research is an easy organisation to work with. Unlike some monolithic research organisations, where change is a problem, RBR offers a tailored approach to projects. From initial project conception, our teams of experts establish the needs of our clients, and work in collaboration – not at arms length – to develop research programmes to fit the changing policy and economic environments.

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