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Rural Business Research regularly publishes top quality research and analysis through its range of industry wide and sector specific reports.

The Intelligence Reports from the Regions provide a unique and up to the minute insight into what’s happening on farms and in rural areas across the country. Combined with a sector by sector analysis of local market activity and expert summary on current attitudes and concerns; it is put together by people who have a firsthand insight into local farming communities.

The FBS 2017/18 Enterprise Reports offer specialist, in depth analysis of the major agricultural and horticultural sectors in England. This includes a comprehensive overview of each sector plus detailed information on the physical and financial performance of farm businesses in the most recent financial year. The information and statistics included are industry renowned, collated and analysed by researchers with exceptional expertise in their fields.

Technical Reports use RBR’s unrivalled expertise to explore specific economic and policy queries relating to agricultural production in England and Wales. Topics include the impact of the neonicotinoid ban on oilseed rape, the relationships between innovation and cooperation on farm business performance and assessment of the Farm Business Survey methodology for allocating fixed costs to net margins and non agricultural cost centres.

  1. Intelligence Report from the Regions

  2. Farm Business Survey 2017/18

    Crop Production in England details cereals and root cropping farm performance, including harvest and market analysis, crop gross margins and variations in regional performance.

    Crop Production in England 2017-18

    Dairy Farming in England covers dairy margins and farm profitability, on a regional, herd size and lowland/upland basis. Includes 12 months of detailed analysis of the Dairy industry.

    Dairy Farming in England 2017-18

    Hill Farming in England takes a closer look at the 1.8 million hectares of farmland in the Less Favoured Areas (LFA’s). Analysis includes financial performance of agricultural and non-farming enterprises and measures of technical efficiency.

    Hill Farming in England 2017-18

    Horticulture Production in England is focussed on the financial performance of the horticulture sector, including trends and challenges of the most recent financial year. Detailed, sector specific analysis covers top and soft fruit, outdoor vegetables, ornamentals, hardy nursery stock and glasshouse production.

    Horticulture Production in England 2017/18

    Lowland Grazing Livestock Production in England is a comprehensive assessment of grazing livestock farms in England. It explores agricultural and non farming income, also looking at regional, enterprise type and farm size trends. Analysis includes sheep flocks, breeding, store and fattening cattle units.

    Lowland Grazing Livestock Production in England 2017-18

    Pig Production in England is a unique, cross-sector analysis of the pig industry providing detailed analysis of the physical and financial performance of specialist breeding, rearing and finishing units.

    Pig Production in England 2017-18

    Poultry Production in England is a unique, cross-sector analysis of the poultry industry providing detailed analysis of the physical and financial performance of free range, barn and deep litter egg and broiler production systems.

    Poultry Production in England 2017/18

    Organic Farming in England provides detailed, independent analysis of organic farming in England. Using financial and technical efficiency measures to assess organic horticulture, arable and livestock production.

    Organic Farming in England 2017-18
  3. Technical Report

RBR Archive Publications

RBR Archive Publications

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Data and Results

Data and Results

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Farm Business Survey

Farm Business Survey

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